The MERC Lite is a small, but powerful mobile power and communication trailer that is designed to provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network within 15 minutes of deployment. This tactical trailer weighs less than 3,500 pounds and is compact enough to be towed by most standard vehicles, airlifted, or loaded in a transport plane for delivery. The MERC Lite can be deployed in areas where larger command center trailers and vehicles can not travel. The MERC Lite is also more suitable for densely populated urban areas with narrow streets and limited parking.

The MERC Lite is powered by a Cummins Onan 12,000 watt Quiet Diesel generator with a 91-gallon fuel tank. A VSAT auto-acquire satellite system allows it to offer network access anywhere in the world providing not only internet service and data access but also Hosted VoIP and SIP service for two way voice service. A 30-foot pneumatic mast equipped with removable antenna arms provides a platform to mount antennas for land mobile radios and repeaters, cellular extender antennas, wireless LAN/WAN antennas, weather station equipment, television antennas, HAM radio antennas, and video surveillance equipment. A 360-Track GPS system provides remote monitoring of the MERC Lite for location tracking purposes and attempted theft alerts.