Since 2012, Vetted Security Solutions has helped our clients identify, locate, apprehend, and prevent security and safety threats with cutting edge products and technology solutions.

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A Trusted partner

Every Detail Counts

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to complete turn-key solutions and back them up with customer and technical support. Our solutions are always tailored to meet the unique needs of your department and community.

Largest ALPR Provider

As the largest ALPR provider in the southeast, our focus has been and will always be on providing solutions to help keep our communities safe. We proudly support law enforcement and business of all sizes.

Custom Manufacturing

We specialize in a vast array of fixed and mobile hardware solutions designed to meet and exceed the needs of your agency. We proudly build our own enclosures, trailers, retrofit kits, mounts, covert enclosures, and more in our metal shop.

Remote Support

Our remote monitoring software and support interface allows you to continuously monitor the health of your connected systems. Receive automatic alerts of issues and take remote or self-corrective recovery actions without the need for a field service call.  

Comprehensive Solutions

We understand the mission-critical nature of law enforcement and only utilize the highest quality products to ensure your deployed systems are stable and dependable. We are with you from project design through implementation and post-deployment support.

Measurable Success

Since our inception, we have been committed to increasing public safety through actionable intelligence and real-time alerting. We share an unspoken oath to provide our clients with the best service, products, and the very best of ourselves every day.

Growing since 2012

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