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Public safety is our governments most important function and requires the best tools and technology available. Vetted’s extensive experience combined with the industries leading brands can provide cutting edge crime fighting solutions for your community.

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Cutting-Edge Solutions, Delivering

Close cases faster

Solutions that empower officers to produce more investigative leads and close more cases faster.

Officer efficiency

Accurate intelligence and automated alerts will improve officer operations.

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Trusted solutions

Deploy solutions used and trusted by law enforcement agencies nation wide.

Close more cases

Crime-fighting technology and security equipment for law enforcement.

Deploy high caliber, crime fighting technology for law enforcement that can be applied at the local, county, state, and federal levels. Increase efficiency by deploying top-tier reliable equipment with real-time data. From security equipment to license plate recognition, surveillance and full software solutions, Vetted Security Solutions empowers law enforcement with the tools to produce more investigative leads and close more cases.

Close more cases with Vetted Security Solutions. We offer crime-fighting technology and security equipment for law enforcement.
Real-time intelligence with automated license plate recognition (ALPR). The image is of human analyzing data on a cloud-based wall.

Real-time intelligence

Automated license plate recognition (ALPR) with actionable analysis.

Leverage automated systems that capture comprehensive data for investigative insight and traffic enforcement. Achieve maximum community coverage with improved safety, productivity and analyzation capabilities. Vetted provides complete license plate and vehicle recognition solutions as well as radar-speed detection, security and surveillance systems.

ALPR Systems

A complete ecosystem of vehicle and license plate identification cameras.

Surveillance Trailers

Dynamic systems that are designed to provide security and intelligence and in any environment.

Video Analytics

Realize the value video surveillance content by making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable.

Keep your community safe with Vetted.

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